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Ubisoft Leaked Memo Exposes Internal DEI-Related Meltdown

The Ubisoft Memo Leak: A Deep Dive into Corporate Desperation and DEI Initiatives

Recently, an internal memo from Ubisoft was leaked, exposing the gaming giant's fervent focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The leak, which found its way into public discourse through The Quartering, reveals a company seemingly desperate to align itself with modern corporate virtues, potentially as a strategy to attract crucial Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) funding.

As much as I hate to agree with some of the perspectives Jeremy at The Quartering has taken over the years, I find myself in lockstep with him on this one...

The Content of the Memo

The memo outlines Ubisoft's dedication to DEI, stating:

"We are proud to represent the diversity and inclusion that exists in society as part of our everyday work."

This declaration is a clear signal to stakeholders that Ubisoft is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace. However, the underlying tone and the context within which this memo has emerged paint a picture of a company leveraging these values as a strategic necessity rather than a mere ethical stance.

The memo advises employees on handling online negativity:

"If you are exposed to or witness any negative behaviours towards your colleagues online, do not hesitate to reach out to your manager, Arcade HR, or the Communications Team."

This directive underscores a protective stance against potential backlash in divisive times.

Most tellingly, the memo cautions against engaging in online debates about these topics:

"Given the current polarization of this topic online, we believe that having a respectful and constructive dialogue is difficult - if not impossible - to achieve. In this context, we ask you not to engage in or interact with these conversations, as this could worsen the situation for yourself, our teams, and our industry peers."

This suggests an environment where dialogue is stifled, and dissent is discouraged, hinting at a fragile corporate atmosphere. Encouraging employees to block, ignore, and private their Twitter accounts - so to not be exposed for awful things that have been stated by their own employees, instead of reprimanding the actual problems. Projection at it's finest. Reprehensible.

The ESG Connection

The focus on DEI within the memo can be interpreted as a plea to entities like BlackRock, known for prioritizing high ESG scores in their investment decisions. By doubling down on DEI, Ubisoft seems to be aligning itself with the prerequisites for ESG funding. This move comes off as a strategic pivot to ensure financial stability rather than a purely ideological commitment. As Ubisoft faces financial scrutiny and a potentially failing business model, the ESG angle could be seen as a lifeline thrown towards turbulent waters.

A Failing Strategy?

While DEI initiatives are crucial for fostering an inclusive and progressive corporate environment, Ubisoft's approach might be perceived as using these initiatives as a shield against deeper operational and creative failings. The gaming community and investors are becoming increasingly savvy to performative measures masked as genuine inclusivity. Ubisoft’s strategy might appease investment firms in the short term but could alienate core audiences who are more interested in innovative and engaging gameplay than corporate politics.

The directive to avoid engaging with online discourse about these issues could be seen as an attempt to silence criticism and control the narrative. This not only hampers genuine dialogue but could also foster resentment among employees and the wider gaming community.

The leaked memo:

The Outlook for Ubisoft

Given this strategic focus on DEI to attract ESG funds, Ubisoft might be putting itself at risk. There's a growing sentiment that such a heavy reliance on politically charged funding mechanisms and the overt politicization of its business model might backfire. The gaming industry thrives on creativity, engagement, and customer satisfaction—areas where Ubisoft should refocus its efforts.

If Ubisoft continues down this path, it might find itself struggling to maintain its footing in an industry that values innovation over ideology. The leaked memo, rather than showcasing a forward-thinking company, may instead highlight a corporation scrambling to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

Ubisoft's internal strategies, as exposed by this leak, suggest a company at a crossroads, choosing to prioritize corporate virtue signaling over the foundational principles that once made it a titan in the gaming industry. This could very well lead to its undoing unless it recalibrates its focus towards what truly matters: making great games that resonate with all segments of its audience... An issue worth fighting for.


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