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Valve Unveils Steam Deck OLED - A Bright Future for Handheld Gaming

Valve Unveils Steam Deck OLED - A Bright Future for Handheld Gaming
New designs, new screen!

Valve has sparked excitement among gamers with the unveiling of an upgraded Steam Deck, introducing an OLED display to its popular handheld gaming device. Dubbed the Steam Deck OLED, this new iteration stands poised to redefine on-the-go gaming with its enhanced features and sleek design.

This new model joins the lineup as a high-end option, elevating the Steam Deck experience with a vibrant 7.4-inch OLED screen, offering HDR support for a more immersive visual experience. This is a noticeable increase from the original 7-inch display, promising richer colors and deeper contrasts for gamers.

In a strategic move, Valve is streamlining its offerings by phasing out the 64GB and 512GB LCD models, pivoting to a more focused selection for consumers. The revised lineup, including the 256GB LCD and two OLED variants, is priced to appeal to a range of budgets and preferences:

  • 256GB LCD – $399 / €419 / £349

  • 512GB OLED – $549 / €569 / £479

  • 1TB OLED – $649 / €679 / £569

But the improvements aren't just skin deep. The Steam Deck OLED promises an enhanced Wi-Fi 6E capability, a substantial battery upgrade to 50Whr, and a refined thermal architecture that ensures the device stays cool during those extended gaming sessions. Not to mention, it achieves all this while shedding 30 grams off its weight, making it even more comfortable for long-term play.

Though not yet available for order, the countdown begins for eager gamers to secure their own Steam Deck OLED, with sales set to launch on November 16 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT.

Valve is also teasing a special treat for enthusiasts in the US and Canada—a limited edition 1TB model featuring a see-through shell and striking red buttons, adding a touch of exclusivity to the gaming experience.

In anticipation of the new arrivals, Valve has reduced the prices of the soon-to-be-retired 64GB and 512GB LCD models, giving gamers an opportunity to grab the existing technology at a more accessible price point.

While the OLED model marks a significant enhancement, Valve has tempered expectations for an entirely new generation of the Steam Deck. Per The Verge, Valve coder Pierre-Lou Griffais indicated that a "true successor" to the Steam Deck, with substantially more power, is not on the immediate horizon.

For now, the Steam Deck OLED represents the pinnacle of Valve's handheld gaming innovation—a beacon of vibrant, portable play that carries the promise of a brighter, more colorful gaming journey wherever life takes you.

I haven't played my Steamdeck in months. Kinda wish I waited for this one!


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