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WTF of the Day: Bash Box PARTNERS With Intellivision...

The Perplexing Partnership: Intellivision's Latest Venture Raises Eyebrows...

In the dynamic world of retro-styled gaming, where the pace of nostalgia is matched only by the frequency of controversies, a recent announcement on Twitter by Billy McLaughlin, known as Old Man Rukus on Twitter, has sparked a wave of skepticism and disbelief across the gaming community.

But here's where it gets beyond WILD... McLaughlin revealed a new partnership between Bash Box and Intellivision to integrate the Amico gaming system into the upcoming Bash Box.

My initial thoughts on the Bash Box were similar to my initial thoughts on the Intellivision Amico: Not kind.

This decision has left me... and many others... scratching our heads, considering Intellivision's tumultuous (to put it nicely) history.

The Amico Ambition

According to Old Man Rukus, the partnership aims to launch the Amico storefront on the Bash Box with six titles available for purchase at launch. Additionally, while the original Amico controllers are not ready at launch, users will have the option to use their smartphones as makeshift controllers, with plans to release the actual controllers later, connectable via Bluetooth.

A History of Missteps

The bewilderment surrounding this collaboration stems largely from Intellivision's recent past, where they've mismanaged over $17 million and failed to deliver on its promises, casting a long shadow over its credibility... Ok let's be real: SCAM.

The original vision for the Amico was ambitious, aiming to revive and modernize classic gaming experiences. However, the project has been mired in delays, financial troubles, and a loss of consumer trust. It's been further hurt by stories coming out about how Tommy Tallarico, the disgraced former CEO, ended up being a snake-oil salesman full of lies.

To some, Intellivision now appears less like a pioneering gaming company and more akin to a "scam organization," as critics like myself who invested in them have since labeled it.

Questionable Choices

The decision to partner with a company that has such a tarnished reputation raises questions about the motives and judgment involved. Is this move a sign of desperation or a misstep born from a lack of due diligence? For many in the gaming community, this partnership seems reckless—a gamble not just with financial resources but with the goodwill of potential customers. Does this show just how desperate Old Man Rukus is to get his project out there?

A Gesture of Goodwill

Despite the controversy, Old Man Rukus reached out with a peace offering, proposing to send me a Bash Box for review upon its availability. This move, while appreciated, honestly does little to alleviate any concerns about the partnership. It underscores a fundamental disconnect: good intentions and promotional strategies can only go so far when foundational trust and accountability are in question.

While the gaming industry is no stranger to comebacks and redemption stories, the union of Bash Box and Intellivision under these circumstances does not seem poised for a fairy-tale turnaround.

Instead, it highlights a potentially perilous path forward, marked by skepticism and wariness from both gamers and industry onlookers. I'm not saying it's impossible to find success here... I'm just looking at the info available and rolling my eyes. These companies must see whether their partnership can overcome its rocky past, or if it will serve as yet another reminder of failures in the archives of retro-themed and lesser-powerful hardware in gaming history.



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