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Zelda Classics "Oracle of Ages" and "Oracle of Seasons" Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online

Zelda Classics "Oracle of Ages" and "Oracle of Seasons" Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online
Finally they're available ...again!

In a surprising announcement that thrilled gamers worldwide, Nintendo has just shadow-dropped two classic Game Boy Color titles – The Legend of Zelda™: Oracle of Ages™ and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons™ – on their Nintendo Switch Online service.

Part of the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library, these releases offer a nostalgic return to the magic and charm of the Zelda series and provide players with new frontiers to explore on their Nintendo Switch consoles. The response from fans, to put it mildly, has been nothing short of euphoric. Just check the comments in the Nintendo YouTube video above. Pretty good timing for many as well, finishing up on the epic adventure of Tears of the Kingdom, gamers will have another option to latch onto right away.

Since the inception of the Nintendo Switch Online program, users have been treated to an increasingly large library of classic games, hailing from the NES, SNES, and now Game Boy Color. In its latest addition to the roster, Nintendo has truly hit the jackpot. Zelda fans all over the globe are celebrating the chance to dive back into the captivating universes of two beloved Game Boy Color titles, and new players are ecstatic to experience the games for the first time.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, originally released in 2001, are unique among the series for their interconnectivity and individual focus on time manipulation and seasonal changes, respectively. They showcased a masterful blend of puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat that has resonated with players for over two decades. Having them accessible on the Nintendo Switch Online library is a significant boon for both longtime enthusiasts and new gamers. For many gamers, these titles represent a nostalgic return to their childhood, filled with hours spent exploring vast lands and solving intricate puzzles.

Fan-art of Link battling enemies and traversing through time or manipulating seasons has flooded Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit over the years for these underrated classics. Moreover, Twitch and YouTube are buzzing with streamers planning 'throwback' playthroughs, and gaming forums are bustling with conversations about the games' memorable moments, bosses, and dungeons.

However, it's not just the veteran players who are excited. Newer generations of gamers, introduced to the Legend of Zelda series through recent titles like Breath of the Wild, are equally thrilled to experience these classic adventures. They present a perfect opportunity for these gamers to delve into the series' rich history and witness first-hand why the franchise has been so enduring and influential in the gaming world.

As for gameplay on the Switch, the convenience and flexibility offered by the console serve to enhance the experience. Whether players choose to journey through Labrynna and Holodrum on their TV screens or in handheld mode, they're guaranteed an immersive experience.

The shadow drop of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons on Nintendo Switch Online is a testament to Nintendo's commitment to celebrate their rich gaming history and cater to their fanbase's desires. The overwhelming response from fans worldwide underscores the enduring appeal of these classics and their place in gaming's cultural landscape. For now, fans can once again lose themselves in these magical lands, continuing the saga of the heroic Link and his quest to restore peace and balance in the world.


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