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Alyssa Mercante Contacts My Wife In Full On Unhinged Meltdown

In the digital age, the lines between personal and public life are increasingly blurred... But nothing (and I mean nothing) could have prepared me for this. The power of social media and online platforms can amplify voices but also expose individuals to unforeseen dangers and hostility. My recent experience is a sobering reminder of how quickly situations can escalate online with crazed lunatics, affecting not just the individuals directly involved but their families as well.

I am a dedicated husband and father, deeply committed to the well-being of my wife and children. They are my world (today, my son turned 11!!), and I consciously keep them out of the spotlight to protect their privacy. This decision stems from an understanding that my public activities, especially those related to my work and interests in video gaming, should not impact their lives.

Recently, my involvement in a petition aimed at addressing issues within the prominent gaming outlet "Kotaku" took a distressing turn. The response from Alyssa Mercante, a senior editor at Kotaku, was pretty unexpected (even for her) and deeply concerning. She began her day by DMing me on Twitter (below), trying to get a rise out of me, which I ignored. Her type twists words as she has proven time and time again and I wasn't taking the bait.

Because she wasn't getting the fight she was looking for, she then decided to search out and locate my wife on social media, and messaged her directly, attempting to discredit my character.

Her mention of a man who threatened to 'execute her in VR' was news to me. I was unaware of their history between each other, but let her kindly know since she informed me about it and how it was hurtful to her, I would delete my RT (below)... But that wasn't enough.

For full transparency and giving you the whole story (you know - that thing Kotaku "journalists don't do), the #EndKotaku RT she is referring to in the first portion of her DM to my wife is shown below. After making my "End Kotaku petition" video yesterday, I was RT a lot of folks, and this one didn't particularly stand out to me as anything bad, but holy shit... Did she ever lose her mind over it...

This wasn't enough for her though. She had to contact my wife and let her know. The rest of her DM to my wife continues (below). Her actions crossed a personal boundary that I believe should never be breached in disputes or social media disagreements. Honestly, an action like this screams mentally unstable and should seek professional help ASAP, but... that's not for me to determine. The fact that she is still employed at Kotaku for how she has handled herself speaks volumes for the type of organization they are.

Alyssa’s decision to involve my family in this matter has left me both upset and scared. The internet, for all its benefits, can be a playground for overreach and harassment. The situation escalated to a point where Alyssa sent a lengthy and inappropriate message to my wife, which was not only out of bounds but also suggested a distressing lack of professional decorum.

The repercussions of Alyssa Mercante's actions extend far beyond simple professional discord; they venture into the realm of personal devastation. What if my wife and I were experiencing tensions in our relationship? Her DM could have been catastrophic. The notion that a professional (and I use that term VERY loosely for Alyssa) dispute could spill over into personal attacks that might destabilize a family is deeply alarming.

What if this act of overreach had been the final strain on our relationship? The implications could have destroyed my family. My life. Does she care? Of course not. Shes a narcissistic lunatic hell-bent with weak power from a dying media organization.

This underscores the severe impact that reckless online behavior can have on real lives, highlighting the necessity for maintaining a strict professional boundary and ethical conduct in all journalistic endeavors. It should be a wake-up call to Kotaku leadership. It underscores the need for clear boundaries and respect for personal privacy. The ability to engage in public discourse should not open doors to personal attacks or involve innocent family members.

My priority remains the safety and peace of mind of my family. I call for more responsible behavior online, where individuals can interact without fear of undue personal attacks or breaches of privacy. It's crucial for all involved, particularly those in influential positions, to remember the human element behind each screen, each tweet, and each article.

The recent actions of Alyssa Mercante, a former sex worked turned senior editor at Kotaku, raise serious concerns about the ethical standards at play within the organization. It is profoundly troubling that a respected media outlet employs an individual who resorts to such invasive and personal tactics against someone involved in a public campaign. This behavior not only damages the professional credibility of the individual but also tarnishes the already soiled reputation of Kotaku itself.

Employing someone who engages in such conduct reflects poorly on the outlet’s commitment to integrity and professional boundaries. It's crucial for media organizations to uphold high ethical standards to maintain trust and respect from their audience. Such incidents call for a reevaluation of the values and guidelines that Kotaku enforces, ensuring that their staff represents the principles of respect, professionalism, and decorum that should be at the core of any journalistic enterprise. Her decision to come after me and involve my wife and kids went way over the line.


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May 09

What else would you expect from a mentally ill activist with hatred for all men? Petition for her to be fired, I'd sign.


This lady's a nut. Take care to protect you and your family's privacy, Smash. People in the online gaming sphere (hell, in general) are becoming increasingly unhinged. Integrity and decency mean NOTHING to these quacks.

Lots of ♥️ to the fam and pass a Happy Birthday on to your son. 🎂


Yeah about that "photoshop of a man pointing a gun to my bloodied face", Alyssa have a history of FAKING those threats. Her infamous "haniging noose meme turned private message" and "Gamestop & Wall Sreet Bets Spoof Picture posted as threat" were pathetic.

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