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Alyssa Mercante & Nick Calandra Hold Massive L, Set Copium Levels to Max

Oh before I get started, this is an opinion piece... And my opinion is: You guys are horrible sacks of shit that should be embarrassed by your approach to online discourse. Hopefully what has recently transpired has taught us all something about ourselves.. But I won't hold my breath.


In hindsight, it was a fairly obvious turn of events... has been reinstated after an investigation by the domain host Wix found no wrongdoings, as all the information used on #KotakuDetected has been proven to be used from the public domain.

This decision has left Alyssa Mercante, Nick Calandra, and their followers coping and seething at taking a significant loss. Thx for the vid, @Hypnotic.

The fallout on social media has been nothing short of spectacular, with their tweets offering a blend of denial and desperate attempts to control the narrative that has all but slipped away from their grasp.

First off, let's start with how Alyssa was a 'tad' preemptive in dancing on the grave of with her tweet:

"Oop! Website not detected! Huge shoutout to Nick Calandra who reached out to Wix about this site and consistently followed up. Clearly, they agree that he was engaging in targeted harassment, among other things."

She continued in a follow-up tweet...

"This is a great precedent, a great sign that there are people and places on the internet who know targeted harassment and cyberbullying when they see it"

The swift reinstatement of ironically proved the baseless nature of her claims, yet she still persists in her attempts to portray herself as the moral victor. Something that she seemingly has made a habit of for ...some time now.

For instance, after the reinstatement of, she tweeted:

"You can keep your website it helps me"

...a pathetically feeble attempt to reframe the situation as somehow being a personal victory. I'd say it would be impressive if it even came close to working... But unfortunately, she has to deal in the same reality we all partake in. She realized that it looked stupid, so decided to tweet more and push her case:

Alyssa Mercante’s reaction is particularly fascinating. Even in the face of a clear defeat, she clings to a narrative of superiority, attempting to manipulate public perception with a tone reminiscent of a college professor addressing an errant student. Mercante’s psychological tactics are more transparent than ever while holding the massive L.

She speaks from a place of 'perceived' intellectual authority, attempting to frame her loss somehow as some sort of a strategic win in a bigger picture. And then, we have Nick...

Nick Calandra’s behavior has been equally perplexing and self-destructive. Rather than focusing on rebuilding his reputation, which he is actively tarnishing in real-time, Calandra has chosen to engage in theatrics, pretending to file lawsuits and making grandiose threats.

One of his most alarming tactics was his public call to target the revenue sources of his detractors, tweeting:

"These guys will never stop doing this unless you go after their funding sources.
If you follow me and see what’s happening here, I’m asking you to help me stop this before someone gets hurt.
Not make jokes about, not dunk on them, it needs to be reported."

Such an approach reveals a willingness to employ underhanded methods to silence opposition, highlighting the truly insidious nature of his agenda. More coping came flooding through, as many people were sharing his posts with me on twitter:

"Nothing to "cope and seethe" about when they still look at stupid as they did 24 hours ago"

Their initial reactions to the takedown and their responses to the reinstatement are oh so satisfying. These crybullys are losers who only care to have their voices heard, and will do anything, even go so far as to go out of bounds and take the law into their own hands, to get the result they desire. It's dangerous and should be called out (and is, thankfully) by the community at large.

Mercante initially celebrated what she saw as a victory for online justice, only to later dismiss the reinstatement as inconsequential. I'm still trying to make sense of that one. This inability for her to gracefully accept defeat or even acknowledge it reveals a deep-seated arrogance and a refusal to engage with reality... But it's not like anyone witha brain didn't see that already.

Some of their legions joined in the copium dosing:

In the end, this saga serves as a reminder of the power of community and the importance of vigilance against false flag attacks. While it remains to be seen what, if any, actions are taken against Nick Calandra, co-founder and content director of Second Wind, the community will judge with their support... and based off how he's acting right now, that means more than anything he could possibly imagine.

Speaking of - Without the support and advocacy of the community, the outcome of getting back as soon as we did might have been very different. The collective effort to bring attention to the unjust takedown of was crucial in ensuring a swift and fair resolution.

To the community, I want to extend my deepest gratitude. Your support has been beyond invaluable, and without you, I don't know where I would be today. This victory is not just for, but for everyone who believes in the importance of truth, freedom of speech and integrity in the digital age.

Thank YOU!


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Dude. Don't piss on my Rangers. It's not their fault Alyssa's a loon.

That said, congrats again on the W. 👍 Seethers gonna seethe. Copers gonna cope. 😎

Smash JT
Smash JT
May 31
Replying to



Anybody that practices such active hate on the internet, Nick & Alyssa, should be pointed out and actively bypassed. They appear to be much more "activists" than "journalists" when they imply that their opinions are way more important than anyone else's.


prayed to the lord for nick to get cancer. hope he sees his doc soon!


May 30

I bet all those people, have towels hung up right now, that smell musty. What's worse, is they can't even tell their towels stink.


R. V.
R. V.
May 30

Pronouners are the strangest little creatures. To think of the hundreds of hours these incels wasted all over a list of writers and links…

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