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Alyssa Mercante Put Me On Her List...

Alyssa Mercante's Hypocrisy Exposed: Controversial List of YouTube Videos

Alyssa Mercante has once again found herself at the center of some heated drama after tweeting an image of a list she compiled of YouTube videos. This tweet came right before the release of my #KotakuDetected video, and it was promptly deleted. Fascinating timing. Almost like seemingly to avoid contradicting herself in realtime.

...Funny how that works.

Alyssa's original post included a list of creators and their videos discussing her. However, shortly after my video was published, she deleted the tweet, which we can only speculate on about her true intentions. This action has led to a significant backlash for her (once again), with people assuming she was particularly upset about my video.

The irony of the situation hasn't gone unnoticed.

As MasteroftheTDS aptly put it: "Self Awareness Level: 0%."

Alyssa responded to MasteroftheTDS by saying:

"Are there names there? Are there photos? These are videos about me, is it illegal to collect them? The post was removed because the list is incomplete. Stop stalking my feed from alternate accounts and tagging people to harass me."

In response, MasteroftheTDS pointed out the hypocrisy, asking:

"So let me see if I am understanding you. The kind of list people make matters if they are harassing or not? Is that correct?"

Alyssa conveniently did not respond. But here's the list she posted in higher resolution (Thx/Credit: @MasteroftheTDS).

The situation becomes even more hypocritical when considering Alyssa's initial reaction to Kabrutus for creating "Sweet Baby Inc. Detected," a list of companies.

She accused Kabrutus of harassment for making a list, as she did with my list, yet... saw no issue in compiling her own list of YouTube videos about her.

The hypocrisy reached a peak when she deleted her tweet after realizing that my "Kotaku Detected" list would expose her double standards. Below is a screenshot thanks to @DBWyld for breaking down the info:

This incident highlights a troubling trend in the gaming industry: the selective outrage and double standards exhibited by some individuals. It's apparent that, for Alyssa, making lists is only problematic when others do it, especially if it involves criticism of her or her actions. This level of hypocrisy is peak narcissism.

Alyssa Mercante's recent behavior serves as a reminder for everyone that self-awareness and integrity are essential for twitter interactions, especially when public scrutiny is involved. A lesson we can only hope she learns eventually.

Sign the #EndKotaku Petition here!


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Ooooooo Wow, Alyssa managed to string some brain cells together to make her own list,but I highly doubt that it will go any where because she isn't exactly a threat to any one out there, so her acts are just gonna fizzle out like her boring/wasted career


Honestly wish I knew more people to rally signatures for your petition. Sadly, I'm a bit of a lone wolf. (Because, as this whole controversy can attest to, the Internet is INSANE.) Current-day "journalism" is a cancer.

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