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Another Psycho Contacted My Job Trying To Get Me Fired...

New Wave of Harassment: Weaponizing Employment in Online Feuds

When it comes to online interactions, a disturbing trend has emerged where certain individuals take their grievances beyond the digital realm, directly targeting their adversaries' livelihoods.

Previously, the pathetic scumbag who kicked off GamerGate 2, Chris Kindred, gave my old place of work a call in an attempt to find out more information on me and get me fired. Now, another person has reached out to that same company, and it highlights this phenomenon getting worse in some serious detail.

Enter: Brody Arnold, or @MisterBrodo on Twitter. Someone with some (IMHO) clear psychologically deranged issues going on upstairs, trying his best to white knight for... journos?

This act of digital vigilantism was spurred by Brody's newfound sense of empowerment after @airbagged on Twitter resurfaced a three-year-old post revealing the former workplace of "SmashJT".

Now, I know I can sometimes be known for critical takes on the gaming industry... But this is getting beyond ridiculous. It's video games, folks... go touch some grass! This was his initial bid to tarnish my reputation... Brody replied to that old company post, stating:

"Hey, that's the guy who harasses women online every day."

After that fell on deaf ears, Brody Arnold decided it would be a good idea to email that company directly from his personal email: He clearly felt emboldened by the latest events of my old job posting about my family on Twitter and decided to contact an engineering support team about me, stating:

"I was wondering if you were aware that you have an employee who spends all day on YouTube and Twitter harassing journalists. 'SmashJT' on YouTube."

A quick look into Brody's public Facebook profile paints a gross picture of the kind of individual engaging in these actions. His profile is a testament to a certain ethos, complete with a bedroom adorned with confederate flags.

This imagery, coupled with his online behavior, answers some questions about his motivations and the company he keeps. This is why it is imperative for leaders in the community (and those with large audiences) to NOT embolden their audiences. People like Brody are easily susceptible to blindly follow and take a 'message' to an extreme in hopes to get noticed. For instance...

This instance is not isolated...

It reflects a broader culture where certain online communities exhibit a blatant disregard for the unwritten rules of digital communication. They are less concerned with truth and more focused on pushing an agenda and shielding their own members from accountability. The tactics employed by these individuals are not only ethically dubious but also legally questionable, potentially bordering on defamation and harassment.

These actors operate with a singular goal- to silence dissenting voices through intimidation and misinformation. Their approach is clear: discredit the individual by any means necessary, even if it involves contacting their employers and fabricating narratives of misconduct. Or, as Nick Calandra told them - "Go after their source of funding." This strategy is particularly insidious as it targets the very means by which people sustain themselves and their families.

In the face of these attacks, it's crucial we maintain resilience and continue to expose these tactics. The online world is increasingly becoming a battleground where personal and professional lives intersect, and it's essential to highlight the absurdity and malicious intent behind these actions.

The individuals perpetuating these behaviors often display signs of deeper psychological issues. Their obsession with discrediting and harming others online suggests a need for serious mental health intervention. In some cases, their actions might even warrant institutionalization due to the extreme nature of their conduct. There... are still institutions out there, right?

As we navigate this new frontier of online interaction, it's important to advocate for responsible digital communication and to hold accountable those who weaponize personal information for their own agendas. Only by shining a light on these behaviors can we hope to foster a more respectful and truthful online environment.

The harassment I'm facing for having the channel "SmashJT" and voicing my opinions on the video game industry at the hands of individuals like Brody Arnold and Chris Kindred underscores a troubling trend in online behavior. It serves as a reminder of the lengths to which some will go to silence voices they disagree with, and the need for continued vigilance and exposure of these malicious actors.


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
16. Juni

Just to reiterate an earlier comment: KEEP THOSE RECEIPTS. ♥️

Gefällt mir

Oh Boy,another Pathetic/ Ass-kissing simp that wants to step up and try act like some tough guy,even though,more than like he's nothing but a Gutless Coward who is nothing more than another one of Alyssa Mercante's Ass kissers

Gefällt mir

it's ok he is gonna get community noted to the ground

Gefällt mir

Find out where he works, use linkedin, send them that confed flag picture.

Gefällt mir

We stand with Smash 🫡

Gefällt mir
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