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Chris Kindred Just Called My Job

Chris Kindred Takes Part in yet ANOTHER Attempt to Smear a Reputation: A Blatant Lie and Direct Attack

The video game industry is smaller than you think... and it is not uncommon to encounter both staunch supporters and vehement detractors while voicing an opinion on YouTube. Recently, I found myself once again at the center of an unwarranted and malicious attack, this time, orchestrated by Chris Kindred - who most of you may know, was the same fellow known for kicking off GamerGate 2.0 when he attempted to get Kabrutus canceled for DARING to start a steam curation group called "Sweet Baby Inc. Detected". According to his website, Chris is a game designer, illustrator, and writer for Sweet Baby Inc... But digging further doesn't paint a pretty picture for the real type of person he is. While I could easily show Chris's personal info here that he has listed openly on his public-facing website, I am not like them. I do not encourage nor condone the harassment of ANYONE.

Accountability is what matters.

What I'm about to talk about hopefully will serve as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to in order to silence voices that challenge the status quo. Again, I WILL NOT be silenced. You can stop trying, it's only making things worse.

After Alyssa started leaking out my full name on Twitter last week, it was only a matter of time for some of her followers to start doing more digging on me, and try to get me cancelled. This came to a peak (or so I thought) when @airbagged on Twitter shared an old post from one of my employers from over three years ago. Within that, the company began getting harassing replies on the Twitter post.

For whatever reason, Kindred thought it would be a great idea to contact one of the places I had worked, and elaborated on fabricating outrageous lies about me and my website in an attempt to get me fired. During the message he left, he falsely accused me of "harassing" individuals and claimed that my website was specifically targeting a non-white audience. This is easily disprovable from a simple scroll through Kotaku Detected. These baseless accusations are not only completely untrue but also represent a gross overstep of professional boundaries.

The idea that I would engage in such behavior is laughable and insulting. My mission has always been to shine a light on the issues plaguing the gaming industry, advocating for accountability and integrity. I will continue to shine a light on this and stand by it because I care about improving the entire video game industry. The notion that my efforts to improve the industry could be twisted into something nefarious is both disheartening and infuriating.

Sweet Baby Inc. and similar companies, such as Kotaku, are often seen by themselves as bastions of progressive values and inclusivity. However, incidents like this highlight a troubling double standard. Despite their supposed "commitment" to ethical conduct, it appears that individuals within these organizations can act with impunity, facing no repercussions for their actions. This lack of accountability only serves to embolden those who seek to silence dissenting voices through deceitful and underhanded tactics.

What makes this situation particularly egregious is the blatant disregard for truth and integrity. Kindred's actions were not only unethical but also indicative of a deeper problem within the industry. When individuals resort to lies and manipulation to achieve their goals, it undermines the very foundations of trust and professionalism that should be upheld.

As someone who is deeply passionate about the gaming industry, I (yet again) refuse to be deterred by such cowardly attacks. My goal has always been to foster a community where transparency, honesty, and accountability are paramount. I will continue to call attention to the abhorrent actions of those who seek to exploit their positions of power, regardless of the personal cost.

The gaming industry deserves better. I will not be scared away from drawing light to nefarious actions. It deserves professionals who are willing to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. It is my hope that Sweet Baby Inc. and other companies will eventually recognize the damage caused by individuals like Chris Kindred and take the necessary steps to address these issues. Until then, I remain committed to my mission, undeterred by the lies and fabrications of those who fear the truth.

In the end, the repeated missteps and embarrassing failures of those who engage in such behavior only serve to highlight their own shortcomings. With each passing day, they continue to reveal their true character, adding yet another loss to their ever-growing list of failures. Perhaps someday, they will come to realize the impact of their actions and the harm they have caused. Until that day comes, I will continue to fight for a better, more accountable gaming industry.


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They are definitely worried about what you are doing. Keep it up….its funny


Kindred isnt a man, she is female Cosplaying as a man! #NoPenisDetected...


Jun 13

Chris Kindred, maximum loser detected.


If Chris Kindred has chosen to go this far and act like a Mentally ill/ Vengefull terrorist online, then maybe someone should turn the game back on Chris kindred and they should dig up information on Chris kindred himself and use that info to ruin his life.I call this "Fair play"


Funny how we bigots yet the definition for bigotry is not changing your beliefs and also hating others and their beliefs by the definition of bigotry they would be the bigots right?

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