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Crazed Lunatic Tweets $20k Bounty To Murder Mark Kern (@Grummz) Over Stellar Blade Censorship

Man, people say some crazy shit on Twitter, and this time is no different. A bounty of $20,000 has been placed on Mark Kern, a former World of Warcraft Team Lead, for his campaign to uncensor the highly anticipated game Stellar Blade. Kern’s movement, aimed at restoring the game’s original content, has stirred up controversy, leading to threats against his life.

The controversy began when Stellar Blade’s official account promised an uncensored version of the game worldwide, including in Japan. However, fans noticed changes in the game’s content, particularly concerning protagonist Eve's outfits and a reduction in gore. Kern, a known advocate for artistic freedom and fan interests, took to social media to express his disappointment.

Kern’s Campaign to Uncensor Stellar Blade

The alterations to Stellar Blade’s content prompted Kern to launch a campaign to restore the game's original version.

Outfits worn by the protagonist Eve were altered, reducing their original design. Kern highlighted these changes, saying:

“This is another confirmed outfit censored in Stellar Blade. Original on left. We’re working on changing it back. It’s not about inches of fabric, it’s about fighting the double standard and getting Stellar Blade customers what was advertised.”

Further changes included a significant reduction in gore. MangaLawyer on X showed a pre-release version with Eve covered in blood after killing a demonic creature, compared to a post-release version that significantly reduced the blood spatter. In addition to the edited Bunny Suit, this was a pivotal factor in Kern's campaign, emphasizing the need to maintain the original vision.

Kern’s plan included encouraging players to send physical mail to Shift Up’s office, email the company's customer service, and cancel PlayStation Network subscriptions. A petition calling for the game's original content to be restored amassed nearly 50,000 signatures in just a few days!

A Dark Turn: Threats Against Kern

Following his campaign's announcement, Kern became the target of numerous death threats. One individual, who has since deleted their account (or it was banned from Twitter for his actions), placed a bounty on Kern’s head, offering $20,000 to anyone who makes him “disappear.”

Kern's response on social media was measured, acknowledging the danger and expressing his disappointment that the campaign to restore the game’s content led to threats of violence... and this isn't even the only time it's happened.

Kern’s reaction highlighted the extremes some individuals will go to when defending or opposing changes in the gaming industry. “Now they want to hire hitmen to take me out,” he wrote. “What did I tell everyone? They want you dead…over game tweets.”

The Bigger Picture

The bounty on Mark Kern's life underscores a troubling trend in the gaming industry. The individual responsible for the bounty demonstrated a severe disregard for civil discourse and rational debate, resorting instead to criminal threats.

It's crucial to recognize the underlying issue here: censorship in gaming and the polarized responses to it. Kern's campaign, while controversial to some, seeks to restore a creative vision that fans were initially promised, and the vitriol it has sparked highlights the deep divide in the gaming community.

What do you make of this individual placing a bounty on Mark Kern? Does it reveal deeper issues in the industry? Let's hope the discussion can shift back to artistic freedom and maintaining the original integrity of games.


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