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Nintendo Delists Popular Switch Title From eShop With No Explanation

Fitness Boxing delisted from Nintendo Switch eShop.

Nintendo to Delist Fitness Boxing from the Switch eShop in Most Regions

In an unexpected move, Nintendo UK recently announced that the original Fitness Boxing would be taken off the Switch eShop come November 30th, 2023. This decision is set to take effect across several regions, although Nintendo of America has yet to make a statement.

No Digital Access After November

The removal of Fitness Boxing from the digital store means new players won't have access to the digital version or its demo after the mentioned date. In a succinct announcement made via Twitter, Nintendo UK kept the reasons for the removal undisclosed. The tweet read, "it will no longer be possible to purchase the digital version of Fitness Boxing or to download the demo."

However, there's good news for those who've already made a purchase. Existing owners of the game or its demo will still retain access and are also expected to receive any subsequent updates.

What about the Rest of the World?

While Nintendo UK and a few European counterparts have made their stance clear, Nintendo of America and other branches have maintained silence on the matter. It remains uncertain if the game will face the same fate in the American region.

Preserving Fitness Boxing

For those interested in owning Fitness Boxing, physical copies are still available at several retailers. These physical versions ensure that the game can still be enjoyed by enthusiasts and those who might discover it down the line.

Nintendo Delists Popular Switch Title From eShop With No Explanation
Knocked Out of the eShop

Nevertheless, the decision to remove Fitness Boxing from the eShop is peculiar, especially considering that its successor, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, remains untouched and available. It leaves fans and industry observers wondering about the underlying reasons for such a sudden decision.

A Curveball from Nintendo

Nintendo has a long-standing history of marching to the beat of its own drum. While the decision to remove Fitness Boxing may be perplexing to some, it's not entirely out of character for the gaming giant to make unanticipated moves.

The silver lining here is the preservation of the game through physical copies, ensuring that its legacy is not lost to digital delisting. One can only hope that if other branches like Nintendo of America follow suit, they provide more clarity on the reasoning behind the decision.

Nintendo Delists Popular Switch Title From eShop With No Explanation
Is this a slippery slope?

Until then, those interested in the digital version of Fitness Boxing have a ticking clock until the 30th of November to make their purchase. And for those just hearing about the game now, perhaps this is an opportunity to explore a title that's about to become a part of Nintendo's vaulted history.



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