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Leaked Nintendo Switch OLED Smash Bros Bundle Points To Imminent Switch 2 Announcement

Leaked Nintendo Switch OLED Smash Bros Bundle Points To Imminent Switch 2 Announcement
It's real, and coming soon to Walmart

Here ye, here ye, it's time to clear out stock on Nintendo's soon-to-be previous generation of consoles! Nintendo aficionados and console collectors, brace yourselves—the whispers of a Nintendo Switch 2 grow louder, and the current wind carries echoes of confirmation. But before we cross that horizon, it seems Nintendo is serving an appetizer that’s left many with a bittersweet aftertaste.

DisTrackers has recently leaked what appears to be a new Nintendo Switch OLED model bundled with "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," sending signals that something bigger might be just around the corner.

The Switch community, a keen and eagle-eyed collective, has been buzzing with the news of a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch OLED bundle that quickly turned from whispers in the wind to a tangible product on shelves.

According to the tweet:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Oled is coming soon to Walmart!

Hot on its heels, we now have a visual on a Smash Bros. bundle that seems to be the real McCoy, verified by DisTrackers to be authentic.

However, there’s an air of dissatisfaction wafting through the fandom. The bundle, captured in an image that's as telling as it is disappointing, indicates a business-as-usual approach from Nintendo. The package boasts a digital download of "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," rather than the satisfaction of a physical game cartridge.

Leaked Nintendo Switch OLED Smash Bros Bundle Points To Imminent Switch 2 Announcement
This is the second time Nintendo has released this holiday bundle. Here's an image of the original non-OLED model

Further dampening excitement, the included Switch dock is described as a “bland grey”—a far cry from the vibrantly themed dock released back in 2018, which celebrated the Smash Bros. universe with sick images of the characters etched on the front (shown below).

Leaked Nintendo Switch OLED Smash Bros Bundle Points To Imminent Switch 2 Announcement
What could have been... but no. Nintendo was lazy

The bundle does include custom Smash Bros.-themed Joy-Con and a three-month Switch Online membership, but these perks are scant consolation for those who expected more than half-hearted efforts.

Though keep in mind those joy-cons are the same as the ones already released back in 2018 as well. Not a great look.

It seems destined to hit Walmart, with some questions remaining on whether this will be an exclusive affair or if it will grace other retail outlets.

While there’s no denying the appeal of a Switch OLED with Smash Bros. Ultimate to newcomers or those looking to upgrade, for the seasoned and passionate Nintendo crowd, this release feels like a prelude played without passion. It's as if Nintendo, standing on the cusp of announcing the next generation of Switch, is clearing the decks rather than celebrating the console that brought unprecedented success.

The coming days promise an official announcement and, hopefully, more details that might sweeten the deal. But for now, the Smash Bros. Switch OLED bundle seems to embody a strategy that’s all too familiar: repackaging nostalgia without the novel flair that fans crave.

In the grand chessboard of console wars, Nintendo has often played a different game, one that involves less power-hungry moves and more charm. As we teeter on the edge of a new era with the Switch 2, we’re left pondering whether this bundle is a sign of Nintendo holding back its best for the next big play, or if it's indicative of a giant that’s resting a little too comfortably on its laurels.

Gamers who have held out this long are left with a choice: to invest in what may soon be the twilight of the current Switch's life cycle or to wait for the dawn of the new. One thing is clear: Nintendo's next move is eagerly anticipated, and the community is hoping for innovation that matches the excitement of a new generation, not just the echo of past triumphs.



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