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Metro Last Light Is FREE This Week on Steam!

This game is fantastic! In a move bound to thrill gamers around the globe, 4A Games has made an announcement that is music to every Metro series fan's ears. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its release, Metro Last Light will be available for free on Steam this week, offering players an opportunity to delve into the immersive post-apocalyptic world that this game masterfully portrays.

From May 18th to May 25th 2023, anyone with a Steam account can download the original Metro Last Light Complete Edition at no cost. To claim this offer, simply need to visit the Metro Last Light page on Steam and click 'add to your library'. It's as easy as that.

Metro Last Light is the compelling sequel to Metro 2033, serving as the second installment in the critically acclaimed Metro trilogy, which concludes with Metro Exodus. The series follows the trials and tribulations of protagonist Artyom, who resides in a war-brink Metro, a place teetering on the edge of conflict, divided among Communists, Nazis, and the Order - the faction to which Artyom is affiliated.

Adding to the week's exciting developments, the entire Metro series is currently enjoying a limited-time sale on Steam. This sale presents an enticing opportunity for newcomers to the series to experience the entirety of Artyom's gripping journey, or for existing fans to complete their collection. With each installment offering a distinct yet cohesive narrative and gameplay experience, now is the perfect time to delve into this atmospheric series.

Despite the recent celebratory announcements, the Metro series has had a somewhat checkered history on the Steam platform. In a YouTube video I produced back in 2019, I covered the controversy surrounding the series' listing (or lack thereof) on Steam. The journey has been marked by a series of ups and downs, reflecting the tumultuous narrative of the games themselves.

The announcement of Metro Last Light's free availability, coupled with the series-wide sale, showcases the enduring appeal of these games. The series' resilience and continual return to the platform reflects its popularity among gamers and its intrinsic value within the gaming industry.

Metro Last Light, with its enthralling storytelling, atmospheric setting, and compelling gameplay, offers an immersive gaming experience that is now readily available to a wider audience. This free release and the accompanying sale is a testament to 4A Games' commitment to their fans, providing an opportunity for gamers old and new to explore the haunting and deeply engaging world of Metro. Whether you're a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, there's never been a better time to jump aboard the Metro!


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
May 19, 2023

Own (and beat) this for 360, but can confirm the Metro series is a gem. One of the few shooters that don't cram online/cooperative play down the player's throat. Definitely worth a download. Fact, get the whole trilogy if you can. In light of what is mostly garbage in today's gaming space, Metro is a must.

Thanks for the heads up! 👍


May 18, 2023

Snagged it! Thanks for the tip!

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