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Opinion: ‘Diablo Immortal’ Criticism Unfair.

The gaming community can often look like quite the toxic environment to casual bystanders, and this latest example only seems to strengthen that stereotype.

When Blizzard announced the latest Diablo game would actually be a mobile experience, the rage of keyboard warriors throughout all avenues of the internet went wild. Many had been waiting 6 years for a proper sequel to Diablo III, compounded by the fact that Blizzard was teasing a new Diablo going into Blizzcon. This created the perfect storm of anger and frustration from fans across the world.

Fans have expressed displeasure, going so far as to ask the devs during a Q&A portion of the announcement if this was some sort of late April Fools joke. The developers work hard on these titles and normally get the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, many gamers have come together and expressed displeasure via disliking the announcement trailer on YouTube in droves.

While this ultimately sends a message to the publisher that this is not what the gamers wanted, is it fair to not first give the game a chance, even if it’s not what we had expected?

The mobile gamer audience is wildly different from console gamers, and this new game gives the opportunity to capture an entirely new audience. Hardcore gamers expecting Diablo 4 revealed ultimlately left the event extremely disappointed. Taking a step back, it could be viewed as entitlement, and that’s never a good thing.

Publishers have the right to make whatever games they want. Gamers are the consumers and are more than able to speak with their wallets. If the need for a specific title is not filled by a given publisher, thankfully, in this day in age, there are plenty of other directions to go.

Not to mention, Blizzard has already alluded to Diablo 4 coming eventually. They just haven’t revealed it yet....

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One thing you mention here (and not in your original Smash vid), is that this sort of reactionary behavior paints a NASTY picture of today's gamer. Gaming carries a TON of negative connotations as is, and stuff like this only exacerbates the idea that gamers are a bunch of overweight, mouth-breathing weeboos who stomp and piss over every little perceived "injustice" wrought against them. And frankly, when you hear about incidents like the one at BlizzCon, that perception isn't wrong. Because it's not a matter of LOOKING toxic. The community IS toxic.

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