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Premium Edition Games Are Made For Collectors!

An Unforgettable Journey at Game On Expo 2024:

Meeting Jeffrey Wittenhagen and Discovering Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition

My recent trip to Game On Expo 2024 was nothing short of extraordinary, but one of the many highlights was undoubtedly meeting Jeffrey Wittenhagen, the visionary head of Premium Edition Games and esteemed author of "The Switch Collector".

His passion for creating unique physical gaming experiences resonates deeply within the gaming community, setting a gold standard for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Premium Edition Games has garnered acclaim not only for preserving the tangibility of video games but also for elevating the unboxing experience. Their commitment to including detailed instruction manuals, along with an array of collectible goodies, sets them apart in a digital-dominated era. It was during this unforgettable meeting that Jeffrey generously presented me with the "Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition" for the Nintendo Switch, retailing at an impressive $100 USD.

This edition is not just a game; it's a treasure trove of cultural homage and artistry. Alongside the captivating game, the package includes meticulously crafted miniatures inspired by the characters and mythology of Raji, a soul-stirring soundtrack CD, and a vibrant color book that plunges you deeper into the game's lore. All these, coupled with the exceptional packaging, make it an absolute must-have for enthusiasts and collectors.

Raji: An Ancient Epic - Review

"Raji: An Ancient Epic" stands as a testament to the untapped potential of cultural storytelling within the gaming world. The game is a heartfelt journey through the lens of Hindu and Balinese mythology, presented in the lush landscapes and rich narratives of ancient India.

Players take on the role of Raji, a determined young performer on a quest to rescue her brother from demonic forces, guided by the benevolent watch of Hindu gods.

The gameplay blends intricate combat mechanics with deep mythological elements, allowing players to wield divine weapons and execute strategic moves against varied demonic adversaries. Moreover, it integrates puzzles and platforming, enriching the narrative while challenging the player's intellect and agility.

Despite its captivating presentation and narrative depth, the game's journey feels all too brief, leaving one longing for more. Moreover, technical issues such as framerate drops occasionally hinder the immersion. However, these flaws are minor when compared to the game's overall craftsmanship and storytelling prowess.

"Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition" not only honors the original game's spirit but elevates it to a new level of engagement and collectibility.

This edition, presented to me by Jeffrey Wittenhagen, embodies the essence of Premium Edition Games' mission: to create memorable physical editions that stand out in a sea of digital releases. It's a remarkable addition to any collection and a poignant reminder of the power of cultural narratives in video gaming.

Jeffrey also invited myself and Nerdy Nick from Nsquared Podcast to join his Premium Edition Games panel with himself and Tristen Ibarra. It was a great time chatting about why physical games matter! Check it out for yourself below!

PREMIUM NEWS: Spring Direct and Exclusive Releases!

Join Premium Edition Games for their Spring Direct on March 25th at 8pm EST for exciting updates on our current games in production and the unveiling of new titles.

Series 7 pre-orders end March 22nd, featuring titles like Anuchard, Lonesome Village, and Sunshine Anthology. Secure your pre-order now to receive a unique Dog Tag bonus, exclusive to this offer. Don’t miss out on collecting these limited-edition items! Additionally, head over to Shopville for an exclusive Raji variant package, which includes a distinctive slipcover and dog tag, limited to just 1500 copies. Act fast – these games are ready to ship!

Thanks again to Premium Edition Games for providing this physical copy of Raji for review!


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Holy crap. I remember when Raji was just a one page pitch and trailer at the Square Enix Collective. That was years ago, LOL.

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