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Retro Fighters Unveils the Brawler64 Gold Edition

Retro Fighters Unveils the Brawler64 Gold Edition: A Golden Opportunity for Retro Gamers

Limited Edition Alert: Retro Fighters' Exclusive Brawler64 Gold Edition Pre-Order

The Golden Era: Retro Fighters Brawler64 Gold Edition

Nostalgia is about to hit a new high with Retro Fighters' latest announcement. The well-loved brand is set to release a new treasure for retro gaming enthusiasts: the Brawler64 Gold Edition Bluetooth Wireless NSO Controller for Switch and PC. This offering is a salute to the days when gaming was just finding its revolutionary stride, and it is here to connect the past with the present.

Retro Fighters Unveils the Brawler64 Gold Edition
So sleek!

Exclusivity in Your Hands

The Brawler64 Gold Edition is not just another controller; it's a piece of gaming history reincarnated. Retro Fighters has made it clear that this release will be exclusive, with only 2000 units available worldwide. Emphasizing its unique place in gaming, this limited series is aptly named the Retro Limited Series 2, focusing on creating collectibles that resonate with the soul of retro gaming.

A Glimpse Into the Past, Crafted for the Future

Designed with the retro enthusiast in mind, the Brawler64 Gold Edition marries the classic aesthetic with modern functionality. This is a device that not only looks like it belongs in the hands of a gaming connoisseur but also feels like it—with the added advantage of cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity for use with Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) and PC platforms.

Availability - Seize the Moment

Mark your calendars because, starting on November 7th, Retro Fighters will begin accepting pre-orders for this golden gem. Remember, once they're sold out, they will be relegated to the annals of gaming history—never to be produced again. This is a clarion call to all who hold the days of retro gaming dear: secure your Brawler64 Gold Edition before it's too late.

Sneak Peek at the Golden Glory

Retro Fighters has provided a preview on YouTube, showcasing the sleek design and fluid functionality of the Brawler64 Gold Edition in action.

Where to Secure Your Piece of Retro Royalty

Rondo Products is the chosen purveyor for this exclusive launch. Once the pre-order period begins, make sure to visit the official product links to secure your controller for the MSRP of 44.99.

Ready to add a golden touch to your gaming collection? The Brawler64 Gold Edition Bluetooth Wireless NSO Controller awaits you. Dive into the nostalgia and seize this exclusive opportunity by placing your pre-order through CastleMania at Rondo: Brawler64 NSO Bluetooth Gold Edition at Rondo. Note this page will go live when the product is available.

Reminder: Use code "SMASHJT" for 10% off your purchase!

Alternatively, this product can be purchased directly from Retro Fighters. Don't let this limited edition slip through your fingers—once they're gone, they're gone forever!

In Summary

The Brawler64 Gold Edition Bluetooth Wireless NSO Controller is more than just a gaming accessory; it's a limited edition passport to the golden age of gaming. With its exclusive production run and a design that evokes the thrill of retro games, this controller is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Stay poised to place your pre-order and own a piece of this finite retro revival.

For those seeking to guarantee their chance to own this limited edition piece of gaming history, be vigilant—the countdown to the pre-order launch begins now.


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
07 de nov. de 2023

Man, I was totally sweating what to nab my best gamer friend for Christmas, but this LE retro controller is %1,000 his thing. Too bad it's scheduled for a January 2024 release...but then it's usually the New Year before we can swing a lunch date meet up anyhow. 😁

THANK YOU for staying up to date with all the trendiest/hippest gaming goodies, Smash. (And for the %10 discount code!) This saved my bacon. 🥓👍🏻

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