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Rumor: PlayStation Studios Casting Non-White Transgender Lead for New Game Exploring Cultural Misogyny

Twitter is known for spreading some wild rumors over the years but this one does have a bit of credibility behind it, and pairing it with the going-ons lately in the game industry, I wouldn't be shocked if it were real.

Apparently, Sony’s PlayStation Studios is developing a 'groundbreaking new game' featuring a non-white transgender protagonist. According to a whisper circulating social media, the game's story delves into challenges faced by the protagonist as (she?) confronts the deep-seated misogyny of her culture, which refuses to accept women as leaders. This sounds like The Onion trying to make a parody of a game, but no... if legit, this would be no parody.

The Source of the Rumor

This rumor was first ignited on June 20th by @NotiPlay_, a well-known Spanish-language PlayStation fan account on Twitter.

According to @NotiPlay_, they stumbled upon a casting call looking for:

  • Girl of about 20 or 30 years old, with dark skin and transgender

  • Knife expert

  • The story would be about how their culture does not accept women as leaders in their community

The character’s story is said to focus on her struggle against the patriarchal norms of her community. Because... oppression?

Skepticism and Clarification

As with any significant rumor, skepticism abounded... But @NotiPlay_ clarified with more information in a follow-up tweet a couple days later after the social media fire grew to being unignorable...

Responding to the doubts, @NotiPlay_ reaffirmed the legitimacy of their claims, stating via google translate:

"It was never a bait, it is 100% real."

They explained that the information came from a reputable casting website known for listing roles for major game studios, including Ubisoft, Activision, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). The account emphasized their credibility, noting the casting director’s history of working almost exclusively with SIE.

Past Precedents in Inclusive Gaming

While the rumor remains unconfirmed, there is a precedent for such inclusive storytelling within PlayStation Studios' portfolio...

Similarly, the Crash Bandicoot series introduced its first non-binary character, Catbat, in Crash Team Rumble. Then we also have the recent news of Firewalk Studios' game, Concord, prominently features characters, including robots... with specified pronouns ...Huh? Beep/Boop?

These moves have been indicating a commitment to diverse representation, but at what point do gamers start to wonder why the agenda keeps being pushed in this direction.

Awaiting Confirmation

As of now, neither Sony nor PlayStation Studios have commented on @NotiPlay_'s claims. We're left to speculate and hope for an official announcement that could confirm this ridiculous story. Whether or not this rumor proves true, it undeniably sparks a conversation about the future of representation in video games and the stories to be told.

The rumor about PlayStation Studios seeking a non-white transgender actor to lead a new game focusing on cultural misogyny is yet another example of what many gamers see as forced representation. This move appears to be yet another example of part of a broader trend within the gaming industry towards what some perceive as pandering to social agendas at the expense of authentic storytelling. While we await official confirmation, the potential impact of such a game is likely to increase the growing fatigue among gamers tired of seeing diversity and inclusion shoehorned into every new title... Instead of enriching the gaming experience, this approach risks alienating a core audience that feels their preferences and voices are being ignored. I wouldn't be surprised if this were real, and that Sweet Baby Inc or a related DEI-firm is involved intimately with the project.

Time will tell...



I really hope none of these Wackjob type activists step forward at all for any roles with Sony because I think most out there are tired of these Whiney mental cases infesting companies and messing things up Big time with spreading their so called "Diversity/Inclusivity" diseased bullshit because it's all literally an Absolute Scam



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Ladies and gentlemen, the perfect response. ⬆️


Nev G.
Nev G.
Jun 26

Hot news day. Sony is on a slow trainwreck route.


Oh Boy,another Retarded game thought up by more brainwashed fools whom can't think for themselves,but choose to pander to the trans-activists Community & the Nose-ring mafia from the looks of that Ugly individual in the photos


Let the free market decide lol

This is going to be a disaster

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