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The 'Merry Mario' Christmas Suit

Want to knock her socks off with the most tacky of suits available? The Merry Mario is now available exclusively at for the low price of $119.99! Details: Direct Link:

"This holiday season you'll stay classy and comfy from start to finish, thanks to this officially licensed Mario suit. It's machine-washable, so you’ll always have your outfit ready when it's time to save Princess Peach once again. Just bounce off the walls, grab a few coins and level up your winter wardrobe." So what do you think? Gonna jump on this like Mario on a goomba, or wait for the inevitable clearance sale? Oh, and for those in the market for something more... traditional, they also have a Tetris suit available for the same price...

Go ahead, create some order out of chaos here: "If creating order out of chaos is your thing, then this stylish puzzle suit is totally for you. Yep, it’s a stylish black suit inspired by Tetris®, one of the most brilliant and addictive video games ever made. Just be sure to whistle that catchy theme song out loud whilst wearing this video game suit. High scores guaranteed!" Made with Tetris 'master' Paul Tesi in mind, I'm sure. ~Smash

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...Wow. That is...a lot of Mario in one suit. xD (The Tetris one is kinda slick, though.)

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