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Treehouse Law Prepares for Potential Class Action Lawsuit Against

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Retro video game enthusiasts may have a new battle on their hands as legal action looms over popular retailer

Treehouse Law, a firm specializing in consumer protection and class action lawsuits, is gearing up for a potential class action lawsuit against, a prominent retailer of retro video games and consoles. The suit alleges that the company has engaged in deceptive and fraudulent practices, causing significant harm to its customers.

Established in 2007, had become a go-to destination for collectors and enthusiasts of retro video games. The website offers a wide variety of classic gaming consoles, games, and accessories, catering to a niche audience of nostalgic gamers. However, in recent years, the company has faced mounting criticism for alleged questionable practices, including the sale of counterfeit products and poor customer service.

Treehouse Law, with a track record of representing consumers in class action lawsuits, has taken up the case. The firm alleges that knowingly engaged in fraudulent practices, selling counterfeit products and refusing to provide adequate support to customers who encountered issues with their purchases.

The primary allegations in the potential class action lawsuit against are as follows:

  1. Sale of Counterfeit Products: Treehouse Law alleges that knowingly sold counterfeit retro video games and consoles. The counterfeit products not only violate intellectual property rights but also pose a risk to consumers, as they may not meet safety standards and could potentially damage gaming hardware.

  2. Inadequate Customer Support: The lawsuit also claims that has consistently failed to provide satisfactory customer support. Customers have reported difficulty in reaching the company's customer service team, as well as receiving unsatisfactory resolutions to their issues. The suit argues that this lack of support violates consumer protection laws.

  3. Misleading Advertising: Treehouse Law contends that has engaged in misleading advertising by claiming to sell authentic retro gaming products, while knowingly selling counterfeit items. This deception has allegedly led customers to believe they are purchasing legitimate, high-quality items when they are, in fact, receiving subpar counterfeits.

The potential class action lawsuit against could have significant implications for the retro gaming community. If the suit is successful, it may result in compensation for affected customers and potentially force to change its business practices. It could also serve as a warning to other retailers in the industry, emphasizing the importance of transparency and adherence to consumer protection laws.

Furthermore, the case may prompt a larger conversation about the prevalence of counterfeit products in the retro gaming market. As demand for classic gaming products continues to grow, ensuring the authenticity and quality of these items becomes increasingly important for both consumers and legitimate retailers.


As Treehouse Law prepares for a potential class action lawsuit against, the retro gaming community eagerly awaits the outcome. A successful case could signal a turning point for the industry, encouraging greater transparency and adherence to consumer protection laws.

Regardless of the outcome, the case highlights the importance of consumer vigilance when purchasing retro gaming products and the need for industry-wide efforts to combat counterfeit goods.


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I can't say as I've ever even heard of DKOldies, but like you, I stick to trusted and reliable retailers/secondary markets for games. Seems like there's all sorts of "alternative online gaming stores" these days and most of them, by my standards, just don't pass the smell test. (I do shop Fangamer from time to time, but their stuff, especially the CEs, are SUPER cheap, WAY more so than companies like LRG.)

Be curious to see how many more videos you make, LOL.

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