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Victory for TRUTH: and #KotakuDetected Are BACK!

Updated: May 28

We. Keep. WINNING!

In a resounding triumph of good over evil, logic has thankfully prevailed and and it's #KotakuDetected page have been restored. The latest 'end boss', Nick Calandra, who was seen celebrating with his cronies about it being taken down yesterday has been defeated, marking a significant victory for those who stand for transparency AND accountability in the gaming industry.

Recently, Nick Calandra, cofounder of "Second Wind" attempted to sabotage by hiding behind protected tweets, accessible only to his followers, and directing them to mass report the #KotakuDetected webpage in an effort to have it taken down. Calandra's actions, disguised as measures for his 'safety' and the 'protection' of others, were, in reality (IMHO) a desperate attempt to stifle any opposition and silence a platform he perceived as a threat. A competitor to him that is growing... while his audience is dwinding.

Truth and integrity have prevailed. Correspondence with Wix, the hosting service for, revealed that their thorough investigation concluded absolutely NO private information was used on the site and they have determined that and its #KotakuDetected page comply fully with their Terms of Service, clearing the website of any wrongdoing.

Nick Calandra’s constant attacks and empty threats of lawsuits against those who oppose him have backfired spectacularly. His attempts to silence have been thwarted, and now, if he wishes to pursue legal action, it seems he will need to start with Wix themselves.

The hosting service has affirmed that nothing on is illegal, and the site is well within its rights to host and feature information about public figures... because, well.. these are PUBLIC figures. The information displayed on #KotakuDetected lists factual information through thorough investigations and video game industry news coverage taken directly from their own public profiles.

These are simply just their statements, their own words.

This victory underscores the importance of standing our ground against those who seek to suppress dissenting voices.’s restoration is not just a win for one website, but a victory for all who value free speech and accountability.

Nick's "Questionable" Discord History...

While not specifically related directly to getting attacked by Nick Calandra and his followers, Nick has an interesting history of messages in the Second Wind discord. This all speaks volumes for his character, but instead of me explaining, have a look for yourself...

Grummz tweets claims of being Doxed...

Threatens physical violence for those who oppose him...

Some interesting choice words in the Second Wind discord... Nick's been accused of Doxxing @Grumms's work address, threatening physical assault, and telling his own Patreon members to leave if they don't blindly follow who he wants them to...

It's a concerning trend that may leave him out in the cold down the road...

But regardless of his character or his actions, the gaming community can now celebrate this momentous occasion, knowing that the forces of good have ONCE AGAIN triumphed over those who seek to undermine truth and facts.

Thank you all for the tremendous support in helping get the word out for Wix to investigate this false flag situation, and the truth is now once again out there, for all to see! ~Smash

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Cue victory dance!


God speed, brother. Glad to see the win!


Great job! Keep up the fight, keep exposing them!


Well freaking done smash-jt, you deserve the win.


Rob D
Rob D
May 29

Nick doesn't look like he could "knock out" a child, let alone a man, would love to meet him in a bar and tell him exactly what I think of his pussy ass, all 6ft 4 240 pounds of me.

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