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First Press Games SCAM

The Troubling Case of First Press Games: A Red Flag for Collectors

As a dedicated collector of physical game editions, I've had my fair share of interactions with various game publishers. I received a comment from asbestoslung3109 on a video I made a couple of days ago about this company called "First Press Games" that I'd never heard of before... and what I discovered was shocking.

Many collectors, via Reddit, shared their experiences with First Press Games (FPG), and have been notably disheartening, raising serious concerns about their business practices.

Prolonged Delays and Unfulfilled Orders

Firstly, the delays in shipping products are excessively long, often stretching over multiple years. For instance, many gamers are still waiting on games they ordered as far back as 2020. The excitement of receiving a new game has long been overshadowed by frustration due to these delays. It's not just isolated incidents; this seems to be a recurrent theme with many of their products.

Issues with Developers

While I won't state who I spoke with about the dealings behind the scenes with First Press Games specifically, I can confirm from my conversations that a certain developer has shared their frustrations in signing on with FPG and what a nightmare it has been behind the scenes trying to work with them.

The problems with this company are hardly limited to customer dealings, they also extend to the game companies and developers that have partnered with them trying to get their games produced physically.

Questionable Responses to Customer Inquiries

Communication is another significant issue. The company is often unresponsive to customer inquiries unless pressed hard. When they do respond, the information provided is frequently vague or promises imminent shipment dates that never materialize. This lack of transparency is not only annoying but also unprofessional, damaging trust.

Issues with Refunds and Disputes

Refund requests are another nightmare. There are numerous accounts where FPG has either outright ignored refund requests or provided inconsistent responses. In some cases, they’ve engaged with payment processors or banks in ways that suggest they are stalling or providing misleading information to avoid refunds. This behavior is particularly alarming and hints at deeper operational issues.

Selective Shipping and Response Based on Public Pressure

It seems that the only time FPG acts with a sense of urgency is when there's significant public or social media pressure. For example, they appear to prioritize issues related to their more popular titles or when there’s a public outcry. This reactive approach, rather than a proactive commitment to customer service, is concerning. It indicates a prioritization of damage control over genuine customer care.

Use of Funds from New Sales to Fulfill Past Orders

The operational model at FPG suggests that funds from new pre-orders may be used to fulfill earlier, outstanding orders. This is a risky approach reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme, where the inflow from new customers is critical to managing commitments to previous customers. Such a model is unsustainable and unfair to all customers, especially if the company faces any financial instability.

Final Thoughts

Given these experiences and observations, I advise potential customers to be extremely cautious when dealing with the First Press Games SCAM. If you are considering purchasing from them, it may be safer to wait until products are physically in stock and ready to ship rather than relying on their pre-order promises. The lack of reliability and transparency from FPG is a red flag for any collector or gamer looking to acquire special editions or collector items. Always ensure you have a clear and reliable recourse for refunds before making such purchases, and stay informed by following community discussions and updates on the company’s fulfillment record.



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