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Jirard The Completionist Is Now Begging For Subs and Donations On Twitch

Jirard The Completionist: Analyzing the Twitch Comeback

Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil's unexpected return to Twitch recently set the gaming community abuzz.

Jirard The Completionist Is Now Begging For Subs and Donations On Twitch
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Observations from the (now deleted) Stream

Charity Work and Future Directions:

  • The stream raised questions about Jirard's charity initiatives and the direction of his channel. There seemed to be a general hesitance in contributing to his viewership, possibly due to recent controversies.

  • Jirard discussed the future of Super Beard Bros, indicating its operational separation from his other venture, TOVG. Notably, he won't be involved with Super Beard Bros going forward, a decision that aligns with the community's expectations for change.

  • The topic of TOVG staff layoffs emerged, highlighting a somber reality. It appears that these layoffs might be a direct fallout from Jirard's approach to handling donation funds, a point that has sparked considerable debate within the community.

Delving into the Controversies

Charity Fraud Allegations:

  • There's been significant chatter about Jirard's previous charity work. He's reportedly resigned from Open Hand, and his stance on a substantial $600k donation supposedly settling all disputes has been widely discussed. This aspect was further highlighted by news reports, including one from Nordic IGN, discussing alleged misappropriation of charitable funds by The Completionist's Open Hand Foundation.

Financial Strains and Staff Issues:

  • Insights into the financial challenges faced by TOVG, including the impact on sponsorships, paint a grim picture. It's likely that these financial pressures contributed to the staff layoffs, compounding the controversies surrounding Jirard.

  • The moderation and control over community engagement during the stream were notable. There were suggestions that Jirard's father might be playing a role in managing his public interactions, which points to a cautious approach in handling public relations post-controversy.

Personal Takeaways and Community Sentiments

Patterns of Behavior and Staff Treatment:

  • Discussions around Jirard's past conduct, particularly in relation to staff management, indicate a troubling pattern. The layoffs starkly contrast with his earlier statements about caring for his team, a sentiment echoed by several community members.

Community Outlook:

  • Despite the controversies, it seems Jirard might still maintain a segment of his audience. However, this scenario is riddled with ifs and buts, as the community's trust appears to be severely dented.

  • The irony in Jirard's choice of game for his comeback stream and the ongoing legal issues have not gone unnoticed. These elements add a layer of complexity to the community's perception of him.

Concluding Thoughts

Jirard's Twitch comeback is a case study in how online personalities navigate crises. The divided community response underscores a broader discussion about accountability and redemption in the digital age. While some are hopeful for Jirard's redemption and future success, others remain critical and concerned about the impact of his decisions. The journey ahead for Jirard and his channel is uncertain, but it will undoubtedly be closely watched by the gaming community.


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Honestly, if he makes a comeback then I think it speaks volumes about short term memory of communities. It's one thing in politics and such where "You know, it was 2 years ago, they won't try to screw us over for a 10th time!!" might be involved, but it's another altogether when the medium is literally recordings as the sole interaction. Not even speaking of the time frame, but the medium in general.

For the time frame: Gamers tend not to be an overly forgiving lot, so I had expected him to take 3-4 years off and go find a normal job, then try to creep back in. Is it due to the diluting of the 'older gaming generation' that…

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