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Jirard the Completionist Lied About His Role in Game Publishing

Misleading Claims in the Gaming Community

Jirard the Completionist, a notable gaming YouTuber, has recently been the subject of controversy concerning his involvement in the development of the indie game 'Gestalt.' Initial claims by Jirard (via IGN) suggested a significant role in the game's publishing process. However, recent discussions and revelations via the developer's discord have shed light that these claims have been overstated, casting another shadow on his credibility within the gaming community.

The Reality Behind Jirard's "Involvement"

Contrary to his assertions, Jirard's contribution to 'Gestalt' was primarily in testing and marketing, rather than in any official publishing capacity. This revelation has led to a reassessment of his role, shifting the perception from a key figure in the game's development to a more supportive QA tester position.

I've worked at Sony as a QA tester, and I can assure you, we are NOT publishers. Not even close. Clearly, Jirard wanted to try to use his "influence" as a way to say he was assisting with publishing duties. That's a stretch. But then again, that's who Jirard is.

Impact on the Developer-Content Creator Relationship

This situation sheds light on the increasingly complex relationship between game developers and content creators. Jirard's overstatement of his role in 'Gestalt' not only misleads fans, but also, it places undue pressure on the developers. Scenarios like this underscore the need for clear and transparent communication about the nature and extent of collaborations in game development... Something Jirard has clearly shown he has a hard time doing.

The incident has sparked a conversation about the responsibility of public figures in the gaming industry to accurately represent their involvement in projects over on R/TheCompletionist2 on Reddit.


The controversy around Jirard the Completionist's role in 'Gestalt' highlights the importance of honesty and clarity in the gaming industry, particularly regarding the contributions of influencers and content creators.

As the lines between development, promotion, and content creation continue to blur, maintaining transparency is crucial for preserving trust and integrity within the gaming community. This incident serves as a reminder for influencers and other public figures in the gaming world to be meticulous and truthful about their roles and contributions to avoid misunderstandings and uphold the community's respect.


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