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Nintendo Hits the Brakes On Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo Hits the Brakes On Mario Kart Tour
Hitting the mobile brakes

Four years following its debut, Nintendo, in collaboration with DeNA, has revealed plans to halt the creation of new content for its mobile game, Mario Kart Tour. A dispatch to game enthusiasts clarified that post the upcoming 'Anniversary Tour' kicking off on September 20, all subsequent seasons would reuse content from previous tours.

The companies stated in the announcement:

“After the Battle Tour launching on October 4, 2023, we will refrain from introducing fresh courses, drivers, karts, or gliders. We remain hopeful that you'll keep finding joy in Mario Kart Tour."

Interestingly, the decision to discontinue new content for Mario Kart Tour could be an indication of the nearing launch of the final DLC wave for the Nintendo Switch game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Historically, the console game has synced with the mobile version for the release of new tracks.

In the broader perspective, the conclusion of content for Mario Kart Tour underscores Nintendo's apparent decreasing interest in mobile games. This contrast becomes even more evident when juxtaposed with giants like Activision and Take-Two. These major players draw a significant chunk, often more than half, of their annual revenues from mobile. Conversely, mobile gaming constitutes only a minuscule portion of Nintendo’s income since it ventured into the mobile domain in 2016.

Out of the eight principal mobile titles introduced by Nintendo, the company has now terminated support for a total of five, now inclusive of Mario Kart Tour. When breaking down the numbers, Fire Emblem Heroes stands out as Nintendo’s crown jewel in mobile gaming. Based on recent data shared by Statistica, this title has fetched Nintendo a whopping $810 million of the projected $1.5 billion earned from mobile games. Reportedly, Fire Emblem Heroes alone contributes around $5 million monthly.

In another significant turn of events, Mario Kart Tour clinched the position of Nintendo's second-highest grossing mobile game, surpassing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Accumulating approximately $243 million from a staggering 230 million downloads, its monthly earnings hover around the $2 million mark.

However, it's worth noting that in October 2022, a divisive 'gacha' mechanism was axed from Mario Kart Tour. This alteration led to an estimated dip of $1 million in the game's monthly revenues.



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