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Want to know what it's like being a QA Game Tester in real life?

Working in the video game industry for nearly a decade has brought a wealth of experience on all positions involved. Beginning as a Quality Assurance (QA) Game Tester, moving on to Game Master for EverQuest at Sony Online Entertainment, all the way to becoming a recruiter in the space. Working directly with companies like Midway games, Square Enix, Nexon, NHN, EA, Sony and Rockstar games has been an exciting ride. While now focusing on industry trends and topical conversations via YouTube videos, it's still nice to reminisce and even possibly help others understand better what they'd be getting themselves into (and how to best prepare for it). ZipRecruiter recently contacted Smash JT directly after watching the 'QA Game Testing - What Is It Actually Like' video and requested using it on their official website as a way to inform prospective candidates about the position. An exciting moment for the channel and one that I was happy to oblige. Check out how they set it up on their page here:

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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Mar 24, 2019

Oh wow! Congrats on the spotlight, Smash! I thought that was a "smashing" video, for sure. ^.~

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