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Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Price Hike, Exposes MASSIVE Disconnect from Consumer Expectations

Sony's recent announcement of a price increase for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions has raised eyebrows and elicited strong reactions from the gaming community. The hike, which will be effective from September 6, is being viewed by many as a stark indication of Sony's, and particularly Jim Ryan's, growing detachment from the real-world expectations and financial constraints of the average consumer.

The Price Points: Not Just a Slight Nudge

Increase breakdown:

Plan: Current > New (US)

Essential: $59.99 > $79.99 (+$20)

Extra: $99.99 > $134.99 (+$35)

Premium: $119.99 > $159.99 (+$40)

A closer look at the new pricing structure reveals a notable increment:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription: $79.99

  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription: $134.99

  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription: $159.99

Sony argues that these 12-month subscription prices still offer savings in comparison to the cumulative costs of monthly or quarterly renewals over a year. But this argument skirts around the central issue: the upfront price for these plans is considerably steep, especially when there's no discernible addition to the current offerings.

Justification: Quality Games & "Value-added" Benefits?

The justification provided for the price adjustment is the promise of delivering "high-quality games and value-added benefits" to the PlayStation Plus subscription service. But this begs the question: Aren't high-quality games and added benefits the very foundation upon which the PlayStation Plus service was built? The price increase implies an enhancement or improvement in service, yet Sony has provided no details on what new offerings or tangible improvements subscribers can expect in return for their heftier investment.

Raising the cost of PS Plus by 35% without any added benefits? Sony's decision is puzzling, to say the least. Indeed, while it's common to see a slight uptick in subscription fees, they're usually around the 10% mark or even lower.

Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Price Hike, Exposes MASSIVE Disconnect from Consumer Expectations
Give us your money!

Existing Subscribers Aren't Immune

While the increase won't affect current 12-month subscribers until their next renewal after November 6, any modifications made to their membership after September 6 will adjust the plan to reflect these new prices. This move can be seen as a tactic to compel users to think twice before making any changes to their existing plans.

Is Sony Losing Touch?

With this decision, Sony, under Jim Ryan's leadership, appears to be veering into dangerous territory. In a world where the cost of living is on the rise and where the economic aftermath of global events like the pandemic still lingers, such price hikes without clear added value come across as tone-deaf.

It's not merely about the ability to afford the increase but the principle of the matter. For a corporation as influential as Sony, with its PlayStation brand being a household name, this move may be seen as placing profit margins above the loyal gaming community.

Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Price Hike, Exposes MASSIVE Disconnect from Consumer Expectations
Hi I'm Jim Ryan and I'm completely out of touch with reality

The gaming community thrives on trust, loyalty, and the mutual love for the art form. While companies need to evolve and make financial adjustments, it's crucial that these decisions are made transparently, with clear value addition, and in a manner that respects and understands the consumer base. Sony's latest move with PlayStation Plus prices threatens to erode that trust, painting a picture of a corporation that's drifting away from the very community that made it a titan in the industry.


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Jordan Gardner
Jordan Gardner
31 ago 2023

It was one thing having the Essential Tier be upped by ten dollars back when it was once fifty dollars a year. Back then it was considerably manageable since the value was much better at the time. But now that they're making it more expensive than the lot of the now current gen titles and THEN some, WHILE still making it a requirement for online multiplayer... It just continues to show how much Sony is regressing back to their arrogant selves from the early days of the PS3 along with taking cues from Apple from the year then announced the iPhone 7.

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