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Super Mario Bros Wonder Review Roundup

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Reaches New Level?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has shocked the world. Let's take a look at what various game outlets had to say about the new game in this Super Mario Bros Wonder Review Roundup!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Roundup
What a WONDERful world

Solidifying its Game of the Year Contender Status

When Super Mario World burst onto the gaming scene in the early '90s, it was a revelation. Here was a game that modernized everything we loved about the Mario franchise while retaining the essential elements that made it a classic. Fast forward to the tail end of 2023, and Nintendo has achieved a similar feat with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a game that critics are unanimously lauding as a masterpiece.

The reviews are in, and they are nothing short of spectacular. With nearly every outlet awarding it 9 out of 10 or higher, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not just a hit; it's a cultural phenomenon. Many outlets compare it to Super Mario World on SNES, my all-time favorite Mario game ever. Let’s delve into what makes this game not only a tremendous addition to the Mario legacy but also a serious contender for Game of the Year.

Universal Acclaim

Major outlets like Eurogamer, Metro, and the Daily Mirror all gave Super Mario Bros. Wonder a 10/10 rating. From its "masterclass in platform design" (Eurogamer) to its "cornerstone for what video games as a medium can achieve" (Daily Mirror), the praise is almost poetic. CGMagazine commends the game for its "visual feast," while We Got This Covered relishes in its "hours and hours of pure, undiluted fun."

Near-Perfect Ratings

Wccftech and Stevivor chimed in with 9.5/10 scores, affirming that the game has set a new standard for the franchise. IGN, GameSpot, Destructoid, Checkpoint, and Nintendo Life closely follow with impressive 9/10 ratings, each emphasizing the game's deep content and creative ingenuity.

A Return to Glory

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Roundup
Elephant power!?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder captures the magic that made Super Mario World an instant classic. Much like how the older title revitalized the Mario franchise with modern mechanics and a splash of innovation, Wonder brings that same level of creative refreshment. The game introduces new power-ups like Elephant Mario, which feels like a nod to Yoshi’s early introduction in Super Mario World—both serve as signals of the game's intent to introduce something extraordinary.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Roundup
Bowser is at it again.

The game starts with the familiar narrative—Bowser attacking the Flower Kingdom—and quickly elevates it through a tapestry of stunning levels, each bursting with color, detail, and unique mechanics. It doesn't just bring nostalgia; it also captures the essence of modern gaming, effortlessly balancing tradition and innovation.

Endless Creativity

Just as Super Mario World felt like a huge leap forward, Super Mario Bros. Wonder follows suit with Nintendo's developers firing on all cylinders. From its inception, Wonder is a marvel of "Nintendo-grade ingenuity," offering an ever-changing landscape of platforming ideas that seem almost infinite. Whether it's new mechanics or one-off levels filled with delightful quirks, the game is a playground for exploration and creativity.

Game of the Year Contender

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Roundup
Warping minds and bending pipes

Given the exceptional reviews and the genuine magic that players experience in every corner of the world, it’s no surprise that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is already being touted as a Game of the Year contender. In a year as strong as 2023 for video games, this is no small feat. This is not just a game; it's a masterpiece that stands as a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, passion, and high-level execution coalesce.

Between Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Prime Remaster, Pikmin 4, and now this... Nintendo is having one HELL of a year with video games.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not merely another game; it's an essential experience that's raising the bar for what video games can be, echoing the glory days of 2D Mario while setting new standards for the future.

With near-universal acclaim, a return to the nostalgic charm of the franchise, and an endless stream of creativity, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has cemented its place as not just another hit, but as a serious Game of the Year contender. In capturing the essence of both old and new, it reminds us why we fell in love with Mario in the first place. ~Smash


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