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The Ironic Turn of R/Completionist2

The Ironic Turn of R/Completionist2: From Open Forum to Censorship

In a twist of irony, the R/Completionist2 subreddit, originally created as a haven for unrestricted discussion about Jirard Khalil, The Completionist, and the Open Hand Foundation, is now mirroring the restrictive practices it once stood against. This article delves into the subreddit's evolution and the unexpected backlash against certain content creators, including myself, who have been covering these topics.

Origins and Ideals

The inception of R/Completionist2 was rooted in the desire for an open platform. When the original R/Completionist subreddit went private, it left a void for fans and critics alike who wanted to discuss various aspects of Jirard Khalil's work and the associated Open Hand Foundation. R/Completionist2 emerged as a response, championing the ideals of free speech and uncensored dialogue.

The Irony of Censorship

However, in a surprising turn of events, R/Completionist2 began to exhibit the same censorious tendencies it was created to oppose. Posts and discussions, particularly those that shed light on controversial topics or offered critical perspectives, started facing removal. This shift marks a significant departure from the subreddit's founding principles and raises questions about the integrity of online communities that profess to value open discourse.

Personal Reflections and Backlash

As a YouTuber and writer for, I have experienced firsthand the subreddit's changing attitude. My posts, focusing on the very topics that R/Completionist2 was meant to freely explore, have been increasingly sidelined. Ironically, the community's reaction seems to stem not from the content itself but from the attention it brought to me. This envy-driven backlash reveals a discomforting truth about online communities: they can sometimes turn against their own when individual members gain prominence.

The evolution of R/Completionist2 serves as a reminder about the fragility of online forums as spaces for free expression. While the intention to create an open community is noble, maintaining those ideals in practice proves to be a challenging endeavor. It highlights the need for constant vigilance in preserving the core values of any community, especially in the face of changing dynamics and the influence of personal biases.


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