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Mary Kenney Infects CD Projekt Red w/LGBQT+ Game Writing Agenda

In a recent LinkedIn announcement, Mary Kenney, a name already listed on Kotaku Detected and mired in controversy within the gaming community, recently revealed her departure from Insomniac Games to join CD Projekt Red as a senior writer.

Her post was filled with enthusiasm:

"Without further ado, it's time to announce my new job! Today was my first day as a senior writer at CD Projekt Red (best known for The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077). I can't wait to talk more about my project, I'm thrilled to be getting back into RPGs, and my team is talented, welcoming, and just flat-out cool. Here's to a new adventure."

But we don't forget...

While the post appears positive on the surface, the deeper implications of Kenney's career shift are cause for concern among gamers and industry observers alike. This is someone who openly desires to push LGBTQ+ and inject it into every project she touches. Because RePrEsEnTaTiOnn is absolute.

Kenney’s previous tenure at Insomniac Games, where she worked on Marvel's Wolverine, was marked by her outspoken advocacy for LGBTQ+ representation in gaming narratives. In an interview with Dual Shockers, she expressed dismay over a GLAAD report highlighting the lack of LGBTQ+ characters in video games.

"The GLAAD report tells us something key – games are a way for LGBTQ people to socialize. But it also tells us something heartbreaking: that LGBTQ gamers don’t feel that developers are thinking of them when they design games"

and continued...

"There are so many LGBTQ developers, and we want what players want - to design experiences that tell the player we're here, we're important, and we belong."

Her stance stirred significant controversy, with many accusing her of prioritizing an agenda over the integrity of game narratives. Kenney's extended 12-part Twitter thread defending her role as a narrative consultant further fueled the fire, beginning with:

"Some of you don’t seem to understand how narrative consulting on games works, but don’t worry: I do!"

She asserted, specifically referencing her collaboration with Sweet Baby Inc., a consultancy known for its emphasis on diversity and inclusion in storytelling.

This move to CD Projekt Red, a company best known for its acclaimed Witcher series and the ambitious (yet initially troubled) Cyberpunk 2077, raises critical questions about the direction of the gaming industry... and who's in charge of the hirings.

CD Projekt Red, despite its past challenges, has been a beacon of hope for many gamers who value deep, immersive storytelling rooted in rich, expansive worlds... But then again, this is the same company that celebrated their 'Diversity Charter Award' for a Menstrual Leave benefit, soooo...

Kenney’s arrival could signify a shift that many real gamers fear – a continued move towards prioritizing social agendas over the core gaming experience. You know, the thing that's been destroying the video game industry from the inside out? While great strides have been made, this incident is proving that the battle is never over.

The heart of the issue lies in the perception that Kenney is not primarily a gamer, but an agenda pusher. She cares more about her 'sexuality' than anything else from what I've researched. Her public statements and professional focus have consistently centered on the representation and inclusion of marginalized groups in gaming:

While diversity and representation are undeniably important, the concern is that such priorities can sometimes overshadow the fundamental elements of what makes games enjoyable and engaging. That is the core issue at play here.

Kenney’s career trajectory exemplifies a broader trend within the gaming industry, where hiring decisions seem increasingly influenced by an individual's advocacy and social stance rather than their passion for gaming and storytelling. This shift is worrying for many within the gaming community, those of us who fear that beloved franchises might be altered or diluted to fit specific social narratives.

The hiring of Kenney by CD Projekt Red speaks volumes about the current state of the industry. It suggests a growing willingness among major game developers to align themselves with social and political causes, potentially at the expense of the creative freedom and diversity of thought that have long been the bedrock of the gaming world. For those who cherish the rich, intricate stories and immersive worlds that games like The Witcher series have provided, this trend is... alarming, to put it nicely.

Mary Kenney’s move from Insomniac Games to CD Projekt Red is more than just a career change; it is a symptom of a broader issue within the gaming industry. As gamers and advocates for the integrity of our beloved medium, it is crucial to call out and scrutinize such developments. These are not gamers. They are activists. While representation and inclusion are obviously vital NATURALLY, they should not come at the cost of the artistic and narrative depth that defines truly great games. The industry needs to strike a balance that respects both the need for diversity and the essence of what makes gaming a unique and cherished form of entertainment.


Shoutout to Pirat_Nation and PapaUwUx on Twitter for the heads up!


D. A. B.
D. A. B.
7 days ago

Can you please make a petition to remove her from anything Witcher related so we can all sign it. I literally feel sick to my stomach knowing The Witcher: Polaris had been infected with this DEI cancer.


Why would any sane person out there wanna check out any work done by this lame activist. All she & her team are gonna do is ruin new games with all the DEI Bullcrap


Was already planning to save money by avoiding the Wolverine game as well as future CD:PR projects, but it's always nice seeing stances justified.

Thanks for the article.

Replying to

Literally thinking this very thing—I have saved SO much money in the last few years. 💵

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