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Premium Edition Games: Spring Direct - All Announcements!

Premium Edition Games Spring Direct Unveils Exciting New Titles and Updates!

In the latest Premium Direct, Premium Edition Games announced a slew of exciting updates and new game releases, thrilling collectors and gamers alike with a plethora of physical editions and exclusive content. From updates on ongoing series to the introduction of fresh titles, the event was packed with announcements sure to excite any gaming enthusiast.

Below is a comprehensive rundown of all the games announced along with their availability dates:

New Releases and Updates

Wife Quest & Super Dungeon Maker (Series 6 Updates):

  • Wife Quest: Physical items have arrived; pre-orders will ship soon.

  • Super Dungeon Maker: Final bug fixes are being implemented; pre-order to be announced.

Series 7 Updates:

  • Lonesome Village & An Richard: Entering physical production soon.

  • Sunshine Anthology: Slight delay due to additional development; expected late summer 2024.

Series 5 Announcements:

New NES Titles:

  • Jim and Dill: The Legend of Weeden Stiff - Available now on the website.

  • Jim and Dill 2: Bobson Revenge - Available now on the website.

Switch Series Announcements:

  • C.A.R.L.: Update from Morning Star Game Studio pending; part of the summer lineup.

  • Gordian Quest: Available for pre-order now, March 25th, 2024.

  • Tadpole Treble Encore: Pre-orders start April 8th, 2024.

  • Scarlet Tower: Pre-orders begin April 22nd, 2024.

Kickstarter Projects:

  • Cristala: Early Access release coming May 2024.

  • GodShard Chronicles: Kickstarter live, ending April 2nd, 2024.

  • Atomic Owl: Kickstarter launches March 26th, 2024.

  • Poglings: Kickstarter: Estimated launch May 2024

Summer Series Announcement:

  • Curse Crackers: For Whom the Bell Tolls: Release details to be announced for the summer series.

The event not only showcased these remarkable titles but also highlighted Premium Edition Games' commitment to delivering high-quality physical editions for collectors and gaming enthusiasts. Fans were also given a sneak peek into upcoming conventions where they can meet the team and secure exclusive editions.

As for me - I love most of these announcements, in particular, God Shard Chronicles stood out. As someone who LOVES Secret of Mana, this looks to harken back to those old SNES action-RPGs.

Premium Edition Games stands out by honoring the tradition of physical game collecting, ensuring that each title is packed with exclusive content and collectibles. This is definitely something I can get behind!

For more information, follow Premium Edition Games on social media, join their Discord community, and sign up for their mailing list to not miss out on any future releases.



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