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Summer Game Fest Exposes Major Issue With Games "Journalism"

As the gaming community gears up for Summer Game Fest 2024, I find myself less than thrilled than ever for it. It’s not that I’ve lost my passion for gaming... far from it. My excitement wanes because I’ve come to realize that the media set to cover these events often don’t truly care about gaming.

Instead, as I've stated before, they seem more interested in pushing narratives and agendas that align with their personal beliefs rather than celebrating the art and innovation within the gaming industry. The reason they hate me so much is not because "I don't like gaming", it's because I LOVE gaming, with a passion, and have taken it upon myself to hold them accountable for their actions... to bring it back to the way it used to be - and they don't like it one bit.

The Agenda-Driven Media

The current landscape of gaming journalism has been tainted by what I can only describe as activists disguised as journalists. While I don't want to paint a broad brush that EVERY SINGLE "journalist" is an activist, it seems like the more I investigate, the deeper the rabbit hole in all this goes.

These 'certain' individuals seem more focused on steering the industry towards their own social and political agendas/goals rather than providing unbiased coverage of games and gaming culture. The unfortunate thing about the current situation is, the issue has permeated the industry so deeply, that even those who have good intentions are afraid to speak up and become one of the shunned, so they just continue to go along with the larger issue.

This shift has led to a growing disconnection between the media and the gaming community, with many gamers like myself feeling that their hobby is being hijacked by those who don’t genuinely appreciate it. Those that have, we'll say... ulterior motives.

Based on the recent happenings, I tweeted my thoughts on this, saying,

“Summer Game Fest starting to look like an orgy of terrible games ‘media’ folks congregating to pretend they care about gaming. In reality, they’re just attending to tighten their grip on the narratives in the video game industry. It’s slipping away...”

This sentiment wasn’t well-received by some in the industry, leading to a predictable wave of mockery and ridicule. It's to be expected at this point. They have the same playbook every time.

The Reaction: A Window into Their Mindset

Various gaming journalists and media personalities took to social media to mock my perspective, from Jeff Grubb, to Ash Parrish, to Alyssa Mercante, and many others - suggesting that I’m simply just bitter about not being invited.

Ironically, 'not getting invited' hadn't even entered my mind...

Ash Parrish in particular, who has me blocked like many of these folks do, screencapped and tweeted:

“No but I do love the idea that we're all here for our annual 'ok let's decide the narrative for the year' meeting. CAN WE PLEASE FINALLY HOLD A VOTE FOR MY PLAY MIDNIGHT SUNS BILL?? IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS NOW! Also, need sponsors for my next bill: all protagonists are gay now.”

Parrish’s sarcastic mockery of a remark underscores a much deeper issue: the disdain that some of these so-called "journalists" have for gamers who dare to criticize their approach. This type of response reveals a level of contempt and a desire to control the narrative, dismissing any dissenting opinions as irrelevant or misguided. Then we have known Alyssa Mercante 'simp' Jeff Grubb:

A Call for Authenticity in Gaming Journalism

The gaming community deserves better. We deserve a media that is passionate about gaming, that seeks to inform and entertain without an underlying agenda. We need journalists who are excited about new releases, who appreciate the hard work of developers, and who understand the joy that gaming brings to millions of people around the world.

Real gamers are speaking up:

I remain hopeful that amidst the noise, a game company will emerge with something truly incredible. However, until the media landscape changes, my excitement for events like Summer Game Fest will be tempered by the knowledge that those covering it may not share my love for the hobby.

Instead of focusing on the games themselves, they seem intent on pushing their own narratives, further alienating the very audience they claim to serve. As much as "they" try to paint me into a corner of jealousy, my criticism isn’t about sour grapes; it’s about a genuine concern for the direction in which gaming journalism is heading.

Something I'd like to think gamers could resonate with is the passion for the games. Not people encouraging the injection of DEI, ESG scores, political agendas, or any other external factors. As gamers, we need to continue to hold these so-called "journalists" accountable and demand a return to authenticity. No matter how much they try to mock us.

Their grip on the direction of the industry is slipping, and they're starting to feel it. Only then can we ensure that our beloved hobby remains a source of joy and creativity, free from the clutches of those who seek to use it as a platform for their own agendas.

Together, we will win this.


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No worries, JT. They're all on the verge of a crash and burn and they know it. Keep smashin'.

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